Natural Beauty Tips: How to Be Beautiful Even If You Are NOT!

Here I give you natural beauty tips for getting an insight into how to be beautifuleven if you have the kind of features that do not fit into the definition of traditional, classical beauty parameters at all.

I have lived these tips! They spring out of my personal experience with my own looks that went metamorphosing through the passage of years in my life. The other day I was talking to a teenager. During the course of our chat, she just mentioned that I, at age 61 today, looked much more beautiful than I did at age 20 (of course in my old photographs that she had a peep into!). And she was not kidding. I have this special capability to read peoples intentions from their words out of their mouths.

Yes, I have lived these tips. I have been there. I have done that.

Let me tell you what!

Let me tell you what all these natural beauty tips are that give you an insight into how to be beautiful without even applying any external aids on to your skin.

I am talking both about males and about females.

Natural Beauty Tips: How to Be Beautiful – Tip 1

What is it that gets into the eyes and the mind as you look at someone for the very first time?


Let me tell you what; if you were not able to pin point it sharp.

It’s the EASE one carries along with oneself wherever one goes.

It’s an infusive EASE that inductively turns you EASY too in his or her proximity, almost instantaneously so!

Being easy feels good. What else is the definition of beauty? What feels good is beautiful. Or not?

An easy face is good to look at. An easy body is good to walk with. An easy tongue is good to listen to. An easy pair of eyes is good to peep into. An easy mind is good to interact with.

What is good is bound to feel beautiful to the eyes.

How easy are you with your own self, in your body and in your mind?

How to be easy if you are not?

Accept what feels to be uneasy, unconditionally. Once you accepted it as it is, focus on to it with all your physical and mental intention to sense it full, without either trying to avoid or suppress it at all. Let it pinch you the most it can. Feel it full without diluting it a bit. The more it pinches, the more you sense the pinch. Let the pinch reach its climax.

It won’t be able to stay there for long. Once it crosses a certain threshold, it will no more remain as the uneasy pinch that kept troubling you all along to date.

Once it’s gone this way, it won’t ever return provided you always keep yourself ready to sense it full anytime, anywhere.

You will be a changed person.

You will go easy.

You will go beautiful.

Natural Beauty Tips: How to Be Beautiful – Tip 2

As it partly comes to the looks of the face, there is a beautiful technique that turns your face look younger than your age.

A young face always looks more beautiful than an aged face. Shakespeare had rightly said so: “Age I Do Abhor Thee, Youth I Do Adore Thee”.

Celebrities, when start turning old, often go for facelift operations turning their facial skin to look younger once again; though it works for a year only, but then they again can go for the next operation the next year. And they do!

But they are just wasting their money. There is a much better natural technique available to always keep the facial skin taut whatever your age is and however old you have gone.  It’s not only for the aging, but also for the young. The young are never as young as they should look to be. And if they are not looking as young as they should, they are also not looking as beautiful as they can.

I call this technique the natural facelift (without operation!) that keeps anyone’s skin taut anytime and every time whatever one’s age is.

It’ an ancient technique that opens the third eye and the crown chakras, stretching the face up and out; i.e., elongating and widening it together in one single go.

Natural Beauty Tips: How to Be Beautiful – Tip 3

What opening the third eye and the crown chakras does to the face, opening the rest of the chakras does the same to the body through its height and width. It stretches the body up and out, elongating it and widening it simultaneously together.

I call it the natural body-lift (again without operation!) which keeps it supple, agile and flexible along the passing years of life.

A supple body is anytime more beautiful than a rigid body anyway.

Natural body-lift just does this to it, healing it along with beautifying it too!

Natural Beauty Tips: How to Be Beautiful – Tip 4

Eyes play a very central role in one’s looks. If they are beautiful, no one looks at the nose whatever it is like whether sharp or snub.

The sharpness of the eyes overshadows the snub-ness of every other part of the face.

When the eyes are sharp and focused, they develop a luster inside them. It is such a piercing luster as renders any other eye makeup redundant as such. The eyes shine as if with a light of their own!

The procedure involves lifting the lower eyelids up on their own through a subtle maneuver of the facial skeleton that keeps them (the lower eyelids) permanently in their lifted position, imparting the said luster to the eyes 24×7 all along the long years of life.

Natural Beauty Tips: How to Be Beautiful – Tip 5

Lastly, it comes to maneuvering the mind; since it is mind alone that puts its shadow on to the structure and the function of every single part of the body.

A mind with stress over it renders the body fatigued too.

And a mind that is not enjoying whatever it is doing for whichever reason it is doing, starts getting stressed in the due course of time whether with anxiety of finishing it fast or with lethargy of not feeling like doing it at all.

Are you enjoying what you are doing?

If you are not doing so, either stop doing it for good or else start taking interest in it so that you may start enjoying the entire action of doing it in its minutest details whatsoever. The joy lies in the minute subtleties not in the obvious crude.

You can certainly come out of the mental stress that you are in.

Once you do, you will love looking at your own beautiful image in your mirror as I did mine when I changed myself just a few years ago!

(You can use these revolutionary natural beauty tips for getting insight into how to be beautiful and look so even without using cosmetics though you always can keep using all the cosmetics of your choice along.)