My Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss That Worked without Starving or Toiling

My top 10 tips for weight loss that really worked are not what you generally find written everywhere on most of the pages as you surf the web.

Why is it so?

Well, all through my life I have studied this debilitating problem of the tendency to put on weight adding pounds and inches to the body, de-shaping it aesthetically as well as deteriorating it functionally.

No, I never had this problem. Even in my 60s today, I am a slim and slender man as I always was through all the years of my life.

Then why did I study it after all?

OK, I studied it because I hated looking at my friends and relatives spoiling their body figure as soon as they got married or else became parents. A major chunk of them did! And when it came to my girlfriends, I found it almost impossible for me to keep my attraction toward them intact. No alarms of moral issues to be raised here against me, but I just couldn’t help myself. In my subconscious perception, a tummy is the most unromantic thing on earth that I automatically get pushed away from!

Then at one particular juncture in the journey of my life, I suddenly happened to develop a very creative insight into the root cause of this very tendency to start putting on weight even when one is eating so little as well as exercising a lot. But the flabs that are there in the body just keep staying where they are, as much as they are!

I said ‘happened to develop’ in the previous paragraph, because it just dawned upon me accidentally in a sudden way one day. And as it did, I ran up to test it on my friends and relatives, whosoever of them could take up the challenging task of changing the total look and feel of their bodies through doing what I thought should work.

There were also a few of them in the study group who had the opposite problem with them in their bodies in that they were frail rather than fat, and had never been able to put flesh on their bones. My insight that had stricken to me intuited that it should help them as much with gaining weight in their bodies as it would help their opposites to lose it out of their bodies permanently so.

I explained my entire system comprising my top 10 tips for weight loss (also for weight gain) without starving or toiling even a bit to them, which they were supposed to keep with them in their moment to moment awareness, both mental as well as physical.

As it happens with every single project, not everyone continued with the program for various different reasons of their own. And those who continued didn’t see any remarkable improvement in the first few months of their practicing the way that I had told them to follow in their physical and mental awareness all through the day every single moment.

But they were persevering kind of people. They persevered even after achieving very slow results in the first few months. I already had an inkling of it that it would happen so. It was not an overnight miracle that would work like a magic wand.

In fact my insight had always in its perception that if a graph rises extremely fast, it would drop down extremely fast too. That’s what the reason of almost all the weight loss programs not being able to sustain their results as a permanent way of life is. They try to go for a very quick weight loss which is always an unnatural thing to do.

They kept asking me when they would be able to see for themselves and show others a remarkable change in their physical appearance. I very patiently kept asking them to weight and watch.

Then it happened so that I had to be away for a few months and wasn’t able to meet my study group. As I returned, I was pleasantly shocked to see that I wasn’t even able to recognize every single person in my study group at the very first glance. I had to literally rub my eyes and pinch myself to assure that I was not dreaming. What I was seeing was actual reality.

The obese were no more obese! The frail were no more the frail!

We hugged one another tight!

All of them are new persons now, not only in their physical appearances, but also in their lifestyles the way they live their life every single moment at present.

We all very quietly share a way to live healthier than the rest!

Well, let me break my silence. Here are my top 10 tips for weight loss that really worked without starving or toiling… and the same equally worked as tips for weight gain too:

My Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss That Worked without Starving or Toiling

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss: Tip 1

Never drop your torso down through bending your vertebral column in a convex shape at its center, resulting in drooping shoulders along.

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss: Tip 2

Never posture your hips pushed forward through bending your vertebral column in a concave shape at its lower end.

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss: Tip 3

Never keep your anal sphincter tight which majority of the population does owing to the rigorous toilet training that they received in their early childhood.

Loosen it now and keep it so.

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss: Tip 4

Never curl in or curl out on to your stomach. People often sit and lie down like that! Keep it stretched up and out.

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss: Tip 5

Increase or optimize your metabolic rate by increasing or optimizing brain activity that requires maximum blood, oxygen and energy as compared to any other activity or exercise.

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss: Tip 6

Place your emotional thrust on near future rather than on near past, distant past or distant future. You will start losing weight very fast. But the ones who want weight gain should do the opposite, i.e., placing their emotional thrust on near past rather than on near future, distant past or distant future.

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss: Tip 7

The best way out is to put your emotional thrust at dot present, here and now. It no more remains emotional thrust then and immediately turns into passionate focus. Works equally well for weight loss and weight gain automatically depending on what your body naturally requires at the moment. I added pounds to my weight through this procedure alone.

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss: Tip 8

Never be in a hurry, nor be lethargic whatever it takes to do so.

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss: Tip 9

Be actively interested and involved in whosoever you interact with and in whatever you act upon.

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss: Tip 10

Last but not the least among my top 10 tips for weight loss is to drink plain water a lot more than you do all through the day. It will help throw out the toxins responsible for habituating body cells to accumulate fat or oppositely refuse necessary fat from accumulating away from your body.

Follow these top 10 tips for weight loss and weight gain that worked without starving or toiling much better than any dieting or exercise regimen would ever do.

Apart from following my top 10 tips for weight loss, you are totally free in what you do. Eat what you like, as much as you like. You don’t need any special exercise since following these tips, your body will be in the mode of exercise all the 24 hours of the day (and night)!

And the best part is that these top 10 tips for weight loss and weight gain not only rejuvenate your body but also rejuvenate your mind, turning you into a totally new person living life the way it should really be lived!